CES: Center for Electronic Studying

CES is a research and development group in the University of Oregon College of Education investigating innovative applications of technology for middle school, secondary, and post-secondary students, their teachers and their schools. Director: Lynne Anderson-Inman, Ph.D.Associate Director: Mark A. Horney, Ph.D. Website: ces.uoregon.edu

Center for Global Teaching Learning

CGTL: The Center for Global Teaching Learning a new CATE initiative CGTL intends to use emerging technologies — cloud computing, multimedia, synchronous and asynchronous networking, computer-based study environments, conceptual maps, immersive worlds, and other tools — to support learning, bridge the digital divide, and improve the use of technology for authentic teaching around the world. CGTL empowers teachers and learners to use technology to: facilitate communication and inter-group dialog; evoke and share… Read More

OWP: Oregon Writing Project

About the Oregon Writing Project at the University of Oregon We are living in one of the most exciting times in media history.  No matter what career you end up choosing, or what path you end up choosing to travel, you will be a writer for the rest of your life.  As the digital age accelerates, and as more aspects of our lives are conducted online how we present ourselves in writing… Read More

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