CATE is a research and outreach unit of the College of Education at the University of Oregon, dedicated to investigating, promoting and sharing information about the use of advanced technology in education. CATE is committed to transforming teaching and learning through the use of computing and communication technologies.

The Center for Advanced Technology in Education

The Center for Advanced Technology in Education has been under the direction of Dr. Mark A. Horney since April, 2012, with Dr. Carolyn Knox as Assistant Director. Past directors have been Dr. Yong Zhao, 2011-2012, and Dr. Lynne Anderson-Inman, 1995-2011. Dr. Anderson continues in the role of Director of the Center for Electronic Studying (CES) and Principal Investigator for several funded projects. Dr. Zhao is now the College of Education Associate Dean for Global and Online Learning. 

Mark Horney, Ph.D., Director

Carolyn Knox, Ph.D., Assistant Director

Dr. Horney is currently Principal Investigator for the Mathematics eText Research Center (MeTRC) federally funded project. He first came to UO in 1987 as a graduate student working with Drs. Dave Moursund and Lynne Anderson-Inman. After receiving his Ph.D. in 1991, Mark continued to collaborate with Lynne Anderson-Inman on a series of research, development and professional development projects including: Computer-based Study Strategies, Technology Supported Historical Inquiry, and on Digital Books. Between 1996 and 2009, he taught many of the introductory technology courses in the Elementary and Secondary Teacher Education programs of the COE. Dr. Horney served as the Associate Director of CATE since 1999.  

Before coming to the University of Oregon in 1983, Dr. Knox's work focused on social justice, gender issues, comparative literature, and early childhood education. In 1986, Carolyn received master's degrees in Early Childhood Education and Computer Science Education; and in 1989 she received a Ph.D. in Technology and Learning. At CATE Dr. Knox has managed or directed 15 federally-funded projects focusing mainly on the use of innovative technology to support English learners, writing instruction, students with hearing impairments, and students with learning disabilities.

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