Project DIRECT II:
Distance Innovations for Rural Educators using Communication Technologies

Project DIRECT II is a collaborative effort between (a) two professional development units in the University of Oregon’s College of Education (the Center for Advanced Technology in Education and the Oregon Writing Project); (b) two academic departments in Arts and Sciences (English and Journalism); and (c) six high need/high-poverty rural school districts. Teacher and administrator participants will engage in a high quality, intensive, two year professional development program designed to accommodate the unique instructional challenges and geographic isolation of educators in rural schools. Participants in Project DIRECT II will develop and teach evidence-based strategies for ensuring “college and career readiness” by improving students’ abilities to read, write, and learn from informational text. In addition, participating educators will learn to implement evidence-based strategies for effective online reading, writing, and research using digital tools and online resources.

For more information, contact Lynne Anderson.

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