NCSeT: National Center for Supported eText

Title of project: National Center for Supported eText (NCSeT)


Funding agencies:

  • Institute of Education Sciences (IES) at the National Center for Education Research (Award # R305A090227)
  • Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) in the Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services (Award # H327 R050005)

Beginning – Ending Dates: October 1, 2005 – September 30, 2010


The National Center for Supported eText (NCSeT) at the University of Oregon is a federally funded research center investigating the impact of “supported electronic text” (or supported etext) on students’ comprehension of content area material. Supported etext is digital text that has been modified in ways that are designed to increase access and support comprehension. These modifications are categorized by the role they play in the reading process – leading to a typology of eleven types of etext supports (Anderson-Inman & Horney, 2007). The NCSeT Typology provides the conceptual framework for the research supported by NCSeT.

Key people:

  • Dr. Lynne Anderson-Inman, Director and PI

  • Dr. Mark Horney, Co-Director

  • Judith Blair, Web Developer and Communications

  • Fatima Terrazas-Arellanes, Research Associate

  • Mindy Frisbee, Research Assistant


  • eText Publishers Advisory Board

  • Mark Bernstein, Eastgate Systems

  • Roberta Brosnhan, Freedom Scientific, Inc.

  • Katie Gilligan, Texthelp, Inc.

  • Jackie Wheeler, Cambrium Learning

  • Ruth Ziokowski, Don Johnston, Inc.

  • Dr. John Gardner, View Plus Technologies

  • Donna Horn, CaptionMax

Technical Review Board:

  • Dr. Randall Boone, University of Nevada Las Vegas

  • Dr. David Edyburn, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

  • Dr. Karen Erickson, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

  • Larry Goldberg, National Center for Accessible Media (NCAM)

  • Chuck Hitchcock, CAST, Inc.

  • Dr. Michael Kamil, Stanford University

  • George Kerscher, Recording For the Blind & Dyslexic (RFB&D)

  • Dr. Elizabeth Lahm

  • Dr. Donald Leu, University of Connecticut

  • Dr. Richard Mayer, University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB)

  • Dr. David Reinking, Clemson University

  • Dr. Heidi Silver-Pacuilla, American Institutes for Research (AIR)

  • Skip Stahl, CAST, Inc.

Collaborating Research Sites:

  • Dr. Judith Zorfass & Dr. Karen Clay, Education Development Center (EDC)

  • Dr. John Langone & Dr. Kevin Ayres, University of Georgia

  • Dr. Margo Izzo, Ohio State University

  • Dr. Carol Kennedy, Fordham University

  • Dr. Preston Lewis, University of Kentucky

  • Dr. Cynthia Okolo, Michigan State University

  • Dr. Jonathon Richter & Mindy Frisbee, University of Oregon

  • William Schulte, Collier County School District

  • Victoria Knight & Dr. Fred Spooner, University of North Carolina – Charlotte

  • Marilyn Williams & Dr. Edward Kaméenui, University of Oregon


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