Project DIRECT II:Distance Innovations for Rural Educators using Communication Technologies Project DIRECT II is a collaborative effort between (a) two professional development units in the University of Oregon’s College of Education (the Center for Advanced Technology in Education and the Oregon Writing Project); (b) two academic departments in Arts and Sciences (English and Journalism); and (c) six high need/high-poverty rural school districts. Teacher and administrator participants will engage in a high quality,… Read More

Project SAIL

Project SAIL is a three-year development and evaluation effort of the Center for Advanced Technology in Education at the University of Oregon, the New Literacies Research Lab at the University of Connecticut, and four partnering school districts. The goal of Project SAIL is to develop, revise and pilot-test technology-based reading and learning strategies designed to improve online reading and studying by secondary students with learning disabilities. Project SAIL also proposes to develop,… Read More

The India Teachers Service Project

In 2009, the Center for Global Teaching and Learning (CGT&L) was instrumental in the formation of the first organizational affiliate of ISTE (The International Society for Technology in Education) in India, named ICIE (the India Council for Integral Education). One CGT&L staff member works on the board of ICIE, which is located in Puducherry, India. In 2010, ICIE purchased 30 acres of land where it plans to create a teacher and pre-service… Read More

Center for Global Teaching Learning

CGTL: The Center for Global Teaching Learning a new CATE initiative CGTL intends to use emerging technologies — cloud computing, multimedia, synchronous and asynchronous networking, computer-based study environments, conceptual maps, immersive worlds, and other tools — to support learning, bridge the digital divide, and improve the use of technology for authentic teaching around the world. CGTL empowers teachers and learners to use technology to: facilitate communication and inter-group dialog; evoke and share… Read More


The Center for Learning in Virtual Environments (CLIVE) at The University of Oregon is dedicated to research and outreach of the evidence-base emerging on the use of virtual environments for teaching and learning. The CLIVE research team is interested in discovering what works to best engage learners within virtual worlds and immersive environments. Finding appropriate design and teaching strategies within virtual environments for particular learning populations engaged with specific learning content is… Read More

OWP by the Sea

OWP by the Sea

Rural Schools Initiative

Rural Schools Initiative

Digital Is

Digital Is

Project DRAW

Title of project: Project DRAW: Digital Reading and Writing Director/s : Dr. Lynne Anderson-Inman, Director and PI Funding agency: U.S. Department of Education, Title II, Part A University School Partnerships for Improving Teacher Quality (through Teaching Research Institute) Beginning – Ending Dates: 2006 – September 30, 2009 (need to check start date with Gale) Description:Project DRAW: Digital Reading and Writing was a three year literacy professional development project for teachers in 16… Read More

Teachers Are Key

Project Title: Teachers are Key: Partnering with and Supporting Quality Computer Science Teachers within the Second Largest School District in the Country Director: Joanna Goode, Ph.D. Funding agency: National Science Foundation, Broadening Participation in Computing program Beginning – Ending Dates: September 1, 2009 – August 31, 2012 Description: This project focuses on building effective supports and a professional development system at a local and national level for computer science teachers. Many of… Read More

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