Teachers Are Key

Project Title: Teachers are Key: Partnering with and Supporting Quality Computer Science Teachers within the Second Largest School District in the Country

Director: Joanna Goode, Ph.D.

Funding agency: National Science Foundation, Broadening Participation in Computing program

Beginning – Ending Dates: September 1, 2009 – August 31, 2012


This project focuses on building effective supports and a professional development system at a local and national level for computer science teachers. Many of these Los Angeles Unified School District teachers are new to computer science and are the lone teacher at their schools making professional development and support networks a necessity. This comprehensive support network will offer 1) continuous in-classroom teacher professional development supported by a district-wide CS coaching / peer-to-peer mentoring system, 2) on-going professional development workshops throughout the school year and 3) an on-line learning community. The programs designed and corresponding lessons learned will be disseminated nationwide as a guide and assistance for other school districts and universities. At the heart of these initiatives are strategies to recruit and retain traditionally underrepresented students into computer science courses.

Collaborators/partners: Jane Margolis, UCLA; Todd Ullah, LAUSD; Diane Watkins, LAUSD

Contact: Dr. Joanna Goode, Project Director

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